If I Ruled The World – an ode to hiphop

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One year ago Golden Mint Productions took some stumbling steps into event curation and organised a party with an hiphop focus. New in the city, and new in the scene. It turned out to be a complete flop.

12 months have passed, experience is gained and the network has growned. To celebrate this Golden Mint Productions presents:

If I Ruled The World – an all-nighter in the name of hiphop w/


Razor-sharp wit over varied soundscapes reflecting post-millenial angst and revelry!


Black Prez
www.soundcloud.com/blackprezmusic / www.blackprezmusic.com

As a well known artist in Colorado’s rap scene, Black Prez has been blessing the mile high city with clever lyrics, witty punchlines, and catchy singles for years. This young artist is determined on taking the world by storm while still remembering where he came from. It takes about 3 hundredths of a second for the human eye to blink, and in that time Black Prez will have made a name for himself in the rap game and won your respect for his music. My advice to you is this: don’t blink.

Born into a military family in Huntsville, AL Black Prez had strong ambitions. He spent the early years of his life living in Germany in a German household. After moving around the globe for several years he settled in Aurora, CO early in his life.

Always having a passion for music, Black Prez began writing his own lyrics around the age of 13 when he was in class. At home he would make remixes to his favorite songs and show them off to friends. Black Prez linked up wit Sizzle and Big D out of Florida who gave him more insight of the art of making hits.

After a couple years Black Prez began making his own music within his home. With the help of producers such as Concept and Jomeezius, Black Prez also began collaborating with other local artists. Soon after this, Black Prez also began holding live performances around the map. Through performing, Black Prez combined forces with his DJ, T-Bone Scarpone. Together they have graced the stage alongside artists such as Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, E40, New Boyz, Young Buck, Talib Kweli, and Warren G to name a few.

After finally establishing himself, Black Prez met another Colorado native, Tyler Ward. After a couple of features and collaborations, Black Prez relocated to Los Angeles, CA where he has taken his music career to the next level.

Today Black Prez brings nothing but heat so stay tuned.



Ms.Chemist was born in Berlin, grew up in Costa Rica, and left her heart in San Francisco… She got her 1st taste of Rap/Hip-Hop when she stumbled upon Eminem’s song, ‘The Way I am’ and since that day she’s been rapping, writing and performing (That makes it about 13 years now). The best way to describe her and her music is simple: She is not your typical rapper.



LAB is a hip-hop group based out of Berlin, Germany. The group was founded by Axel Sundelöf (A.S.S.) and Lukas Forkel (Fork) in November 2015. Since then Antonio Rivero (Don Antonio) has joined the group. Fork and A.S.S. met in Berlin during September of 2015 and immediately found a connection through their mutual interest in hip-hop. After a couple of jam sessions they quickly realized how much they enjoyed making music together. A.S.S. and Fork decided to move forward and make their collaboration serious. They founded the hip-hop group LAB. Music making started in their own apartments where they would encounter many of each other’s friends, these friends would play a large role in their creative process. One of these friends was Antonio Rivero (Don Antonio). Spontaneously free-styling and bouncing ideas with Don Antonio the group decided to make a track featuring Don Antonio. However, they quickly discovered that it was a perfect fit. When they couldn’t stop making songs together it was decided to make him a permanent member of the group.

LAB writes outside the typical hip-hop-box. Existential lyrics on soulful beats to get hit that soft spot. Straight-forward music with somewhat melancholic undertones.


The Mermaid

Cleopatra Jansen a.k.a “The Mermaid” is a Nigerian Artist born & based in Hamburg.
Most of The Time she is expressin´ herself in Poems (strictly RealTalk) or as A DJane (straight from the Soul) . Her Sets are usually, deeply Hip Hop-Dominated (FromToBeginningTillNow), animated by (Neo)Soul, Rhythm, Blues and LoVeJamz, emphasised through Azonto, AfroBeats and Dancehall … throughout with A Poetic Message. #TheRhythmIsTheRhythm



ASHUS uses her creative mind to deliver groovy yet heavy sets, gracefully making her audience sway with her mix of deep sound spheres and grime, trap, and brazilian/african beats.


Berlin Disaster

Berlin Disaster is a Paris-born, Berlin-based DJ who has spent too much time in clubs to not decide to get behind the decks. She likes her sounds hot and sexy and enjoys nothing more than a sweaty dancefloor. Hip hop, r&b, reggaeton, and jersey club are her sweet spots and she is obsessed with finding the weirdest remixes of her favourite songs – think moaning girl samples, borderline cringeworthy mashups and lots of cool riddims.

She also works towards helping more women start DJing and firmly believes that girls do it better.


DJ Jim Panse

DJ Jim Panse started using DJ-tools as teenager in the mountain jungle of south Germany in the 90’s. Ever since then hiphop was his heartbeat and he discovered all the sounds around it. So he’ll make you groove to all kinds of tunes within and around hiphop that makes monkeys go bananas.

After conquering the dirty south with the Theben Apes DJ-Team and his band Villa he took a flying leap and relocated to the concrete jungle of Berlin. Teaming up with Abba Lang, several projects evolved and Berlin became his home territory. Together they’ve been working on their own radio/tv show “tha Shiznit”, “Hip Soul”, a group project with singer songwriter Holly Holden, and “Yza Ya”, a fusion of various music styles, as well as their solo-projects.

Catch him in his natural habitat, behind the decks getting you monkeywild.


White Lie
www.soundcloud.com/whitelie-berlin / www.whitelie-berlin.tumblr.com

White Lie (aka Whitest Female Hiphop DJ Alive) hails from Sweden but started DJing in Berlin in late 2014. Her perfect blend of soul, neo soul, jazz and hiphop is always carefully selected by this DJ turned party promoter, humble record collector and occasional radio host.

What started out as an experiment and a cheeky way to poke fun at Berlin’s male-dominated techno scene quickly took her further than expected, and she’s nowhere near stopping.

Perpetually experimenting, she doesn’t shy away from any challenge and always wins over the crowd, whether they like it groovy, mellow or bouncy. A jumble mélange; from saxophone to rap.

She’s also playing sets at Hotel Radio Paris and Cashmere Radio, and drops mixes for Pigalle Paris Radio on a regular basis. Resident of Unbreakable Beats, and always working hard to promote and high light female DJ’s and artists.


Klaas Von Karlos

Klaas von Karlos is the a U.S. born, Berlin-based Experimental Electronic Composer/Audiovisual Arts . He holds a BA in Film Production from Webster University-Saint Louis and a MFA in Media Arts Production from CUNY-City College of New York. Since 2006, his visual and sonic works including, narrative and experimental short films, electronic music albums, and audiovisual performances have participated infestivals and/or received awards from institutions worldwide. Under the alias Klaas
von Karlos, he is the frontman of the A/V collective ReVerse Bullets, curator of the experimental performance series GLITCH and hip hop series “Unbreakable Beats.” In addition to affiliations with the the projects Divan Rouge and Black Spaghetti, he is also a member of electronic band BIINDS. His most recent projects are the recently recently released album “The Mansa Musa Affair” and the forthcoming film, “All Tomorrow’s Children.”


R.J. Thyme
www.rjthyme.com / www.soundcloud.com/rjthyme / www.mixcloud.com/rj-thyme

RJ Thyme is a US born, Berlin Based producer/DJ. With a emphases on the experimental, he brings a unique sound to the Berlin hip-hop scene.


Supported by:
Pigalle Paris Radio


Illustration and poster design by Clarissa Kannengießer + Manel Cluny


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