9 Nov 23
10:00 pm

Heuristics Berlin

Heuristics is an event series that started in Chicago, to inspire human-led connection through invitation, occupation and community-based stewardship of media and space. In the vibrant music scene of Berlin, where techno often takes centre stage, ‘Heuristics’ aims to embrace the diverse world of bass music, featuring breakbeat, dubstep, broken beat, DnB and improvisations.
Live sets include Improvisation, Turntablism, Finger Drumming, Rap and Modular Synths.

About the Artists:
Forms of Entrophy is a band formed by Cronam and DJ Limbs (and BMaul), who saw an opportunity to bring together different crafts of modern electronic music. They combine modular synths, turntablism, sampling, finger-drumming and keys to weave a live set of contemporary bass music, including deep dubstep, DnB, breaks and hiphop.

Substrata is a collective of DJs, musicians, visual artists and other creatives based in Berlin. What started as a series of house parties and park jams is now taking shape at venues around the city. As musicians, members of the group cover styles from techno, ambient, house and breakbeat, to hiphop, dub, funk, soul and global bass. Expect to hear an eclectic mix played on turntables, CDJs, modular synths, guitars and more.

Line up:

Forms Of Entrophy (BMaul / CRONAM / DjLimbs)
Miquel Dangla / Fastslow / jesusonecstasy

Dj Hermix
Diogo Pirez

Cost: 5€

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