GMC Berlin Presents Dubtronic

GMC est 2005
The Ghetto Method is a philosophy, a theory, an idea.
If it resonates, feel free to use and adapt.
Each GMC chapter reps its own vibe, makes its own moves.
The family exists for love and support.

feb 23rd

Epic GMC takeover in Berlin! Huge live arts and music line up featuring:

Raj Pannu (Ninja tune)
Joonipah (Nixwax)
Rick Fury and DJ ADS (Killamari)
Practitioner and Georg Hekt (GMC Berlin)
Edmondson (Natural selection)
Mudfoot Blaps
Notorious DAVE
Parallel Concept (WTFisSWAG)
The Curator (North East Dubtronic)
Sune (TPN)
Rowdy (BC)
Sandy and Trick Fruit (GMC/ADP)
Talissa Mehringer

Plus loads more tba


February 23rd sees the Ghetto Method Collective UK land in Berlin with a crew of sound and visual artists to celebrate the launch of Dubtronic Vol. 3 in collaboration with Keep The Faith Records. Deep and dubby shakers from the finest names in North East production – selections come from within the GMC’s own family and friends, including the Natural Selection crew, Triptik records, Grenade and more, plus skits and extra beats from GMC fam in Manchester (North West Dubtronic) and Germany (GMC Berlin).

Representing the Dubtronic sound:

Raj Pannu (Ninja Tune)
One of the world’s most renowned turntablists – Raj has been part of the Coldcut live crew for over 3 years, performing hundreds of shows with the Ninja Tune head honchos, described as ‘absolutely the best DJ Coldcut have worked with’.

Rick Fury and DJ ADS (Killamari)
One sixth of the mighty Dialect crew, South Shields’ Rick Fury’s new album “Fist of Fury” is blowing up right now and has seen him leap into the hearts of the uk hip hop faithful, also check his new digital comic!!
Production and dj support comes from the Newcastle’s most infamous, DJ ADS, backbone of the legendary Skrufz outfit and co producer of the Dubtronic series.

Joonipah (NixWax/Triptik)
One of the most exciting talents blessing the UK underground right now with residencies at respected parties Turbulence, Lively Up and more, Joonipah released a number of well-received dubs on Nixwax and Triktik Records last year with support coming from far and wide inc tracks being dropped in the Boiler Room.

Georg Hekt & Parallel Concept (LIVE)
Two of the most prominent Bulgarian producers team up for a spectacular live set with samplers and synths to showcase a brand new set of dubs. GMC Berlin’s own Georg Hekt has been releasing albums for the last 15 years through Stigae Music, DSQT, Dusted Wax Kingdom, Mizukage, Architects & Heroes and more. Parallel Concept first gained international acclaim through participating in the Mad-Hop compilations with a forthcoming release due through Svetlana Industries.

Edmondson (Natural Selection/Sketches)
Now based in London, Edmondson co-hosted the legendary Sketches nights in Newcastle and operates alongside Joonipah, Funk Ethics, Professor Ojo and more as part of the Natural Selection crew.

Practitioner (Sundirge/Low Life Luxury)
The Berlin-based producer with remix work for Lianne Hall (Paul Hartnoll/Flat Earth), DJ Nex (Mark Archer/Altern8), Maximo Park (Warp) and many more brings sounds tested throughout the UK and abroad inc a residency with Georg Hekt at the legendary Tacheles club (RIP!).

Mudfoot Blaps and Notorious DAVE (GMC Godfathers)
No stranger to the world of dancefloor dub, Mudfoot was one of the original pioneers of the pre dubstep sound, pushing sounds and establishing Newcastles first dubstep nights way back in the very early naughties, as well as d’nb’ turn table duties for the OCP and Hidden Agenda (Metalheadz) collectives back in the 90s.

The Ghetto Method was born when Mudfoot’s “Method Lounge“ events collaborated with DAVE‘s “Ghetto Disco“ clubnights back in 2005, fusing the darker dub vibe with DAVE’s long established electric and eclectic selections. DAVE has consistently pushed forward this sound as part of the legendary Traveller collective and with his own ground-breaking “Senario“ events.

The visual is as important as the aural for the GMC, and the line up for the Dubtronic launch in Berlin reflects this dynamic element of the crew. New artwork from the crew will be created live on the night, also keep your eyes peeled for us hitting the streets!!

GMC and TPN legend Sune is a worldwide phenomenon, havin rocked up everywhere from the streets of the UK, the clubs of Ibiza while Rowdy is known for his work as part of HUGE crew Burning Candy as well as a well respected in his own right for his infamous croc characters and abstracted work.

Ben Spalding aka Madgay – a relatively angry homosexual, half Puerto Rican, born in New York City and raised in small town Maine . “From a young age, I developed a relationship with Hip-hop culture as it signified not only a realization of otherness, but an overcoming of social boundaries through action.”

Multimedia junkie hooked on intense art-direction and making things, Talissa Mehringer has been painting a trail of nightmarish figures and giant sculptures across the city.

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