28 Sep 23
7:00 pm

Game-Changers: The Game

Game-Changers: The Game
🎲 Join Game-Changers Board Game Play & Participatory Theatre!
📅 Date: Thursday, 28 September 2023
🕖 Time: 19:00 – 22:00

🏛️ Location: panke.gallery, Gerichtstr. 23, Hof 5 13347 Berlin

🎉 Get ready for an evening of excitement and engagement!
Introducing Game-Changers: The Game, a public storytelling board game that blurs the lines between reality and simulation. The stage is set for a clash between Capitalists and Commoners as they battle it out to seize the hottest buzzwords of the new economy. And that’s not all – enter the interactive audience, known as “peerticipants”, who have the power to shape the game’s outcome in real time.
In the game, two teams that embody seemingly opposite discursive poles – for example Capitalism vs. Commonism, Green Growth vs. Degrowth, or Vectoralists vs. the Hacker Class – compete in creating compelling storylines about transformation in order to lay claim to playing fields consisting of real-world “new economy” initiatives and related ideas.
To create these stories, the teams must use the Challenge and Intervention cards available to them at a given time or respond to the cards already linked to particular playing fields. Another, third set of cards, Wildcards, is composed of “external” events which can offer unique windows of opportunity for either team or skew the balance in a number of ways.
Audiences (peerticipants) evaluate the players’ storylines in real time and, in doing so, affect their chance of success. As a peerticipant, you also have the option to contribute prompt cards (prior to or during the event) for the players, making the game a dynamic knowledge commoning and scenario-building tool.
🎭 The Players: For this extraordinary edition, we’ve brought together an amazing lineup of players from various domains:

· Yael Sherill (Curatorial Collective for Public Art)
· Philip Horst (Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik)
· Max Haiven (Reimagining Action Value Lab)
· Laura Lotti (Black Swan DAO, media theorist, researcher)
· Julio Linares (Circles UBI, Basic Income Earth Network)
· Ela Kagel (SUPERMARKT Berlin, Platform Cooperatives Germany)

🕖 Event Schedule:
· 19:00: Doors open
· 19:30: Game begins
· 19:30 – 19:40: Introduction to the game
· 19:40 – 20:25: Round I
· 20:25 – 20:35: Short break
· 20:35 – 21:20: Round II
· 21:20 – 21:45: Winners announcement and reflection
· 22:00 onwards: Late bar

🙌🏽 Organizers/Supporters/Sponsors:
Game-Changers: The Game has been developed by Rok Kranjc (Futurescraft) with the support of Aksioma – Institute for Contemporary Art Ljubljana through their U30+ program for young artists. The Berlin edition has been co-organized by Rok Krajnc and Ela Kagel (SUPERMARKT, Platform Cooperatives Germany), with the friendly support of Sakrowski (panke.gallery), Aksioma, Platform Cooperatives Germany and Weird Economies.
Get ready for an evening of interactive excitement, strategic gameplay, and meaningful reflections! We look forward to having you with us, either as a member of the audience or as an active peerticipant.


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