14 Apr 23
7:00 pm

FEM (flinta enabling movement) workshop with Enrika Myskovskaja

FEM (flinta enabling movement) workshop: live mixing and trouble shooting with Enrika Myskovskaja (Panke sound engineer) is taking place on 14.04.2021 from 19:00 –> free registration via erika@pankeculture.com

Enrika is a classically trained pianist, electronic musician, and qualified audio technician. In 2021 she graduated with a masters degree Sound Studies program at Udk. Her practices in arts unfold around live performances and installations, that implies self-built apparatuses, field recordings and digital processing. And her technical experience is diverse. She worked over 15 years for radios, tv’s, venues, clubs, theatres, cinemas, film companies, galleries, record labels, congress companies, festivals…
Register to secure your spot – we’re looking forward!

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Honky Donk: ACAB (Assigned Clown At Birth)

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