18 Jun 23
3:00 pm

FEM (flinta enabling movement) workshop – introduction to live coding – collaborative creation with Estuary

In this workshop, Alexandra Cárdenas will talk about the history of live coding and will
focus on the most used software for live coding music: TidalCycles.
The objectives of the workshop are to:
Present the students with the history of live coding as well as a comprehensive
panorama of its global scene, allowing them to form their own ideas and capabilities
to shape the future of live coding.
Teach the students how to use the software Estuary, a browser-based live coding
platform that will allow us to learn TidalCycles without the need to install it on our
Give students the basic knowledge necessary to make live-coded music.
Give students the knowledge to connect with the live coding global community,
showing them diverse channels with which they will be able to ask for information
and show their work.
Point students to information on live coding on the internet and other resources so
they can continue their own education after the workshop is finished.
Present students with live coding philosophies and generate a dialogue about them.

About Alexandra Cárdenas

Composer, Programmer, Improviser, Algoraver, Live Coder, Researcher.

Hailing from Bogota, Colombia, Alexandra Cárdenas is a visionary artist who seamlessly merges composition, programming, improvisation, and live coding to create captivating experimental electronic music. Her artistic journey centers around exploring the algorithmic behavior of music and delving into the boundless possibilities of musicality within code.

As a core member of the international Live Coding and Algorave communities, she has co-founded diverse TOPLAP nodes, including Toplap Mexico and Toplap Berlin. She traverses the globe, teaching and performing with the free, libre, and open-source live coding languages SuperCollider and TidalCycles, enchanting audiences with her unique blend of technical mastery and creative expression. Recognising her expertise and passion, she was appointed Chair of the prestigious International Live Coding Conference in 2017.

Alexandra draws inspiration from her diverse educational background. She studied composition at the Universidad de Los Andes in Bogota, where she pursued mathematics and classical guitar studies. Her thirst for knowledge led her to complete a Master’s Degree in Sound Studies and Sonic Arts at the Universität der Künste in Berlin, where she is currently based. Alexandra Cárdenas is an artist on the cutting edge of live coding music, fearlessly pushing boundaries and challenging conventions. Her artistry invites audiences to question, explore, and experience the symbiotic relationship between technology and music. With each performance, workshop, and residency, Alexandra endeavors to cultivate a world where technical and artistic education is accessible to all, empowering diverse communities and fostering a utopian landscape where code becomes a universal language of creative expression.

This workshop is FREE but registration is needed via erika@pankeculture.com

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