5 Nov 22
9:00 pm

Exist Festival

The next edition of Exist Festival showcases at Panke Culture in Berlin on Saturday, November 05, 2022.

Aiming to build bridges between Palestinian sound artists, music curators, musicians, DJs, labels and sound designers from various parts of the world, Exist Festival showcases at Panke Culture for the first time.
The event includes performances by Bint Mbareh, Dirar Kalash, Kujo, NÂR, Razan Hassan and Renata & Zuhour as Insidious Bass Storefront.
Emblematic of the DIY-spirit that colors Palestine’s various musical languages, Exist Festival contributes to the longevity and sustainabilty of Palestinian sound (sub-)culture.
Venue:Panke Culture, Gerichtstr. 23, Hof V, 13347 Berlin

Bint Mbareh LIVE / @bintmbareh
Dirar Kalash LIVE
Kujo LIVE / @modularmind
NÂR LIVE / @nadia.daou13
Phiroza / @_phiroza
Insidious Bass Storefront / @renataxvi @bigzuhour

Apart from the musical acts, a film screening and performance by Razan Hassan / @razanwhassan will be premiered at the event.
The running order will be announced on the day of the event.
Tickets are 12€ \ Get them at the door.
Artwork by the great Roxanne @Stingneymdmi ❤

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