EWS #48 w/ Klaus Layer, ChrisBTZ, JuWehl & Der Buttler

The ‘East-West Sessions’ try to bring together various musicians from different genres, disciplines, and styles into one big live jam…

««« JuWehl is a new supergroup from Copenhagen formed by singer Martin Van Der Wehle and producer Laust Juel.
Laust had actually decided to end his music career but quickly changed his mind when he heard the voice of the undiscovered talent Martin Van Der Wehle.
Back in the days producer Laust J worked with artist like JAHI, Yukimi Nagano (Little dragon) ADL, Timbuktu, Eric Sermon etc. as part of the groups Nobody Beats The Beats, Nicknack + Beatman & Rockin.
JuWehl will drop their first gems this summer and have already put their masterplan into action. We therefore highly recommend that you stop sleeping on the JuWehl.

««« Germany’s Klaus Layer (aka Captain Crook) is a prime example of the universal language of Hip-Hop; 4,000 miles away from the city and culture that birthed the genre yet magnetically attuned to its spirit. His approach to sample-plundering and beat-making is one that is both familiar and unorthodox. With a prodigious grasp on the tough East Coast sound, Klaus’ mind wanders a landscape filled with echoes of vintage cinema, psychedelia and surrealist art as his hands remain in the present intuitively working it all through the sampler. These elements give rise to the deliberate and incidental aesthetics that are truly unique to his production, and will take you to the edge and back of what you thought Hip-Hop could sound like.

Klaus Layer


Chris BTZ

Der Buttler


22h00 Jam Session w/ Open-Mic
23h30 Der Butler
00h00 ChrisBTZ
00h40 JuWehl
01h30 Klaus Layer

22h – 5€
23h – 9€

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