Equinox Records presents Godblesscomputers – Beatmaker Live Set

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On Thursday, 19th of September, Italian producer Godblesscomputers aka Lorenzo Nada performs a live set at Berlin’s very own Panke Club.

Nada’s music is comprised of organic and liquid sounds which create the musical texture for a perfect balance between hip hop, dub and electronic music.

His self-released digital album “The Last Swan” (Jan. 2012) as well as the EP project “Swanism” (Fresh yO!, May 2012) – that featured remixes by Figub Brazlevič, Johnny Boy and others – caught the attention of Equinox Records from Berlin. His “Freedom Is O.K.” EP (Equinox, Dec. 2012), was his first release on the label. It offers an amazing spectrum of organic electronic sounds and feelings: “It sounds like wood, metal and microchip”, as Nada describes it by himself. A few months later, a remix release of the EP was put together with well known beat composers like 813, B-Ju, Digi G’Alessio and Anthony Drawn as well as another new composition by Godblesscomputers.

Playing live shows in Italy on a regular basis, it’s the first time he is performing in Berlin in a long time. So, you better not miss the set!

DJ Scientist (Equinox Records)
The Raincoatman (Equinox Records)






Fire Extinguisher


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