2 Dec 23
10:00 pm


panke.gallery SoundNight is very proud to present emotional_waves showcase

Emotional Waves is a netlabel that focuses on sounds emanating from the depths of one’s heart, mind and soul, travelling with the speed of light and affecting every aspect of these dimensions. Its debut showcase at panke.gallery will feature a live performance by the multiformat duo GOD69, as well as resident DJ sets by Aeriform, Xenia Reaper, and the label head Cybermission.

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CHOKA vol 1

A cute party amplifying sounds from the south, featuring MAAY, Maque, Gadutra, auto_timer, Kupa Lua, DJ Pendejo and c4chorr0 N/N.

Code Green Flohmarkt

Steckie&Seed Flee Market from Code Green goes for the second round. Come and get some!

Panke Schön Jam Session

Panke Schön Jam Session is closing season until September – the last summer jam is set to be a very special one. Come and play along!