Elektron Workshop: Digitone & Analog Rytm w/Lucretio

Elektron Workshop: Digitone & Analog Rytm w/LucretioThursday 15.10.2020 from 19:00 – 22:00Eclectique presents:⚡️⚡️ Workshop w/ Domenico Cipriani aka Lucretio (The Analogue Cops) ⚡️⚡️
?? Elektron Digitone and Analog Rhythm TIPS & TRICKS. ??We will take an in-depth look to the main features of the two machines, pointing out the fundamentals traits of:? – Subtractive and FM synthesis? – Developing a creative hands-on approach into sound design?– Club and post-club music?– Parameter locks?– LFOs and the Sequencers hidden treasures?– Most effective techniques to build up our compositions and our live sets?– Sampling and audio pool up keeping?– Parameter locks, recording trigs?– Principles of arrangement and composition in an Electron framework?– More—————-EXPERIENCE: None required!WHAT DO YOU NEED: come early and bring all your questions!?? Throughout this Workshop deep look session you will learn step by step how to use and how are working this complex machine; the specialized and expert teacher carry the participants to a solid understanding of a practical employment of the two instruments, revising with clearness their fundamentals. ??—————————————————————-?? About the Teacher: Domenico Cipriani aka Lucretio of The Analogue Cops feat Lucretio & Marieu has been heavily using Elektron machinery for his renowned productions and has been teaching and promoting their use during a countless number of workshops (usually coordinated by Produzioni Locus Solus). He is also regularly setting-up product presentations at S.A.E. Barcelona, where he graduated as an Electronic Music Producer in 2006.—-?? Elektron is a Swedish manufacturer of cutting-edge electronicinstruments that in the last decade have revolutionized the world of music production.DIGITONE is an extremely powerful innovative unique box, with multiple FM algorithms featuring carefully selected parameters. Shape the tones with powerful filters. Arrange them with the intuitive Elektron sequencer. Round off with the stellar effects.ANALOG RYTHM is a spectacular analog drum machines that combines raw oscillators power with straightforward sampling capabilities.—————————————————————-?? Important /// Due to the current situation: ??• Places are limited, access only with presale ticket in Eventbrite.• On our entire grounds it is compulsory to wear a mouth-nose cover (MNC). The MNC may only be taken off at all official seating areas.• Please wash and disinfect your hands regularly at our hygiene stations.—————————————————————–Eclectique Workshop CONCEPT:The purpose of the workshop series is to extend Eclectique education offering beyond the music events to continue throughout the year into deep music knowledge, by partnering with education institutions and equipment manufacturers.In doing so we’d like to make Eclectique positioning as a platform to discover electronic music culture, science and education within Berlin, extending and deepening the way of living the club, also as a social, cultural, and learning place; where the interests of many come together and can be deepened.—————————————-Inst: https://www.instagram.com/eclectique_berlin/

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