The event takes place on the  9th of December starting at  22:00.

The 7th edtion is fully packed with the hosts most favourite befriended dj’s, who will show you how deep the rabbit hole gooooees…
we celebrate Mad Lubi’s birthday with a wild mixture of kosmische geilheiten

african, cosmic, disco, latin, funk, boogie, wave, kraut, etc

• Futte Rico [Worldy | Kopenhagen]

• Storm [Worldy | Kopenhagen]

• Caykh [Ostinato | Berlin]

• Menqui [Past Forward | Berlin]

• Soulix [Beat Kollektiv | Berlin]

• Jona Gold [For The Soul | Kiel]

• Diskohengst [Kreyol | Berlin]


• Nikos Nachhall [Planet Almanac | Berlin]

• Mad Lubi [Philophon | Berlin]

Artwork by Peep Visuals [Berlin]