Eclectic Culture VII – B-day-bash xtravaganza!

The 7th edtion is fully packed with the hosts most favourite befriended dj’s, who will show you how deep the rabbit hole gooooees…
we celebrate Mad Lubi’s birthday with a wild mixture of kosmische geilheiten

african, cosmic, disco, latin, funk, boogie, wave, kraut, etc

• Futte Rico [Worldy | Kopenhagen] https://soundcloud.com/futte-rico

• Storm [Worldy | Kopenhagen] https://soundcloud.com/stormila

• Caykh [Ostinato | Berlin] https://soundcloud.com/caykh

• Menqui [Past Forward | Berlin] https://soundcloud.com/menqui

• Soulix [Beat Kollektiv | Berlin] https://soundcloud.com/soulix

• Jona Gold [For The Soul | Kiel] https://soundcloud.com/jona_gold

• Diskohengst [Kreyol | Berlin] https://soundcloud.com/diskohengst


• Nikos Nachhall [Planet Almanac | Berlin] https://soundcloud.com/nikos-metaxas

• Mad Lubi [Philophon | Berlin] https://soundcloud.com/madlubi

Artwork by Peep Visuals [Berlin]

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