The event takes place on the  13th of September starting at  23:00.

Eck Echo presents RASPA- with EL REMOLÓN (ZZK Records)


Holla Kiez! In September Eck Echo invites you to another intense inner journey, this time into the heartlands of the Wedding district. Disrupting the steady beats in the Kiez comes a much expected visitor: ZZK Records / Zizek Club tropical bass trailblazer El Remolón and his breed of cosmic cumbia and other fresh beats off his exhilarating hometown Buenos Aires. Taking his influences from producing techno under the name Drole, his subsequent alias El Remolón (aka The Lazy One), sees him slowing the tempo down, but keeping the energy and intergalactic sound palette. As a forerunner of ‘minimal cumbia’, El Remolón borrows off-centre audio samples from exotic sources, channels them through a sub-tropical prism. His current album “Selva” with guests like our beloved Dengue Dengue Dengue, Kumbia Queers, and Miss Bolivia, Selva is a record plastered in weltering humidity, draped in creepers and swarming with bugs, all vying for breathing space amid a shamanic concoction of dubbed-down cumbia and tribal folktronica. When the Lazy One demands you get on the dancefloor, you know it’s gonna be worth it.

Our cumpa Piska Power will do the warm up exercise, building-up for the main ceremony offered by Remolón. Dessert served with musical narration by Scooby Dub. Footwork/Juke that will twist / twerk / pop and roll your body. Final Round is played by Pira Lemu and Qrichi, offering you versatile interpretations of Peruvian Cumbia (Chicha) and Bass Music.

Retina massages courtesy of our VJ Combo La Manchega VJ, VJ I.R.E. and Toasting Frames.


ᴥ El Remolón (Buenos Aires ɸ ZZK Records)

ᴥ Eck Echo crew

>> Piska Power

>>Scooby Dub

>>Pira Lemu




>> La Manchega VJ

>> VJ I.R.E


IN: 6 €

Eck Echo Berlin.Global Bass for the Kiez.