Eck Echo is back! with Skruper,OkyDoky, Eck Echo Crew

11041822_942550039112736_8087782044283534755_nEck Echo is out of the Winterschlaf and ready to roll for 2015. Join us in celebration this Saturday 14th at Wedding’s Panke! from vinilysm to controllerism, our DJs have all the techniques to make you jump de arriba pa abajo! The celebration doubles up with the release of our resident Scooby Dub’s forthcoming EP ‘Sonnenallee’ for the digital cumbia netlabel CABALLITO. We are so proud of our homebwoy! n_n

* SKRUPER (Guadalajara, Mexico / Kumbale)
The DJ/Producer Skruper will fire up the place with his palette of throbbing beats from the Mexican Westcoast. Tribal and Sonidero cumbia are among some of his sonic delicacies.

* OKYDOKY (Beirut,Libanon/ El Susto Records)
At Eck Echo we proudly celebrate every outernational vibe. Our latest addition is the Berlin-based Lebanese multiartist OkyDoky who will perform a live set with heavy chops on the bassy side. Courtesy of El Susto Records!

*SCOOBY DUB- Caballito EP release
Wether stomping entire crowds at Berlin’s Mayday or warming it up for headliners, Scooby Dub is putting the work in front of DJing with his spot-on sets that range from Zouk Bass to irreverent Kuduro. It is a pleasure for Eck Echo to announce Scooby’s release of his latest production in the shape of the EP ‘Sonnenallee’, edited by Spanish label Caballito. Get a first listen on this evening!


The bunch of your favorite guys from the Kiez. No introduccion needed, just add beats, stir, shake and enjoy!

*VJing by La Manchega, Noël Labridy, VJ I.R.E


Eck Echo Berlin. Global Bass for the Kiez.

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