The event takes place on the  27th of June until the  24th of January starting at  19:00.

Artists Presentation by RITES Network (HU)
Screening: Frag (2008) by Mike Pasley (US)
27 June 7 pm — 10 pm (free entry)

The invention of video games created a new form of gaming culture. In the series “eGames”, which runs from April to August, presents works from Berlin-based artists who use video games and related genres as a medium for art and critical reflection. Monthly artist presentations are accompanied by artist films and documentaries that relate to games, sport, technology, art, and eSport, considered as mirror and parade ground of digitally networked society.

Rites Network is a game design collective that formed in Budapest in 2012. The group developed a series of projects named Rites, Rites Network and Rromok. Rites is an exploration game that recycles social media content in virtual reality, while Rites Network and Rromok are placed in a chaotic urban setting that explores the city as a collection of events happening outside time, creating sceneries with multiple outcomes, haunted by a variety of possible narratives. These narratives are being forecasted by an AI that reads and casts predictions from user input, via its own multiform thought-pattern creation.’

FILM ➫➬ FRAG (2008) by Mike Pasley
Below the surface of a simple game is an underbelly of corruption, money, partying, drugs, and even death.

and stay afterwards for the famous PS+ Gaming Dj Night

Mit der Einführung des Computerspiels entwickelte sich eine eigene Kultur des elektronischen Spiels. Die Veranstaltungsreihe will Arbeiten von in Berlin lebenden Künstler*innen vorstellen, die sich kritisch mit den Computerspielen und ihren sozial-politischen Wirkungen auseinandersetzen. Parallel widmet sich das Filmprogramm in einer Reihe von Dokumentar- und Kunstfilmen dem E-Sport, der als Spezialfall des Spiels als Spiegel und Exerzierfeld der digitalen Netzwerkgesellschaft betrachtet wird