20 Jan 24
10:00 pm

Disko International #20 w/ ÀBÁS

*** The DISKO INTERNATIONAL – a safe place for dancing to good music from all over the world. For Everyone. All Night Long. Funk | Tropical | Rare Groove | Afro | Reggae | Dub | Disco | Boogie | Soul from East, West, North, South and all the places and spaces in between. ***

Join us for a very special DISKO INTERNATIONAL #20 session in Panke Wedding. We’ve been chasing this guy for a hot minute- we play a bunch of tunes he’s been involved with, and after a few dancefloor epiphany chats realised we share many of the same musical ideas in relation to dance floors, musical narrative storytelling and a love for blatant funky AF drums!
Ecstatic to invite to the dance: ÀBÁSE (Dj Set).

Àbáse (Szabolcs Bognar) is a producer and multi-instrumentalist creating a blend of West African, Brazilian, hip hop, jazz and club music. He focuses on a heavyweight rhythm section (being a percussionist himself) and drifts between funky riffs and silky smooth chord structures. The word “àbáse” comes from the West African Yoruba language and stands for “collaboration” – a key element of Àbáse’s music, as he brings versatile artists together to push genre and style boundaries.

Just like his varied productions, expect similar depth, expanse, and polyrhythmic soul vibrations in the place. Across the board selections inna true DISKO INTERNATIONAL stylee: Soulful Dancing music from all over the world.

D.I selector family members Soulix, Lucky Loop & Kava playin the niceness!

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