The event takes place on the  10th of October starting at  22:00.

11996918_1059124800777993_3551678108255494112_nTitle: DIGITAL FEVER #4 : DIGITAL STEPPAZ / HOTTA HENNE / LIKKLE FERGUSON / UPFULL POSSE
Location: Panke, Gerichtstraße 23, 13347 Berlin, Germany
Link out: Click here
Description: Greetingz !

The Digital Fever parties are back in Panke after the summer break and a wicked Serendubity festival.
For this one, Upfull Posse receive big sounds once again : Digital Steppaz, Hotta Henne and Likkle Ferguson



To create a sound system vibe is part of the Digital Steppaz activity. Dubby Ranks and Dr. Chalice started this project in the summer of 2010, in Freiburg. Selectah Easy T Jam and My T joined Digital Steppaz in 2011. They promote parties in Freiburg such as Bass & Offbeat, Dubclub Freiburg and the Dubwohnzimmer.
In their work the bass and the offbeat built the musical foundation. They incorporate Reggae, Dub, Dubstep and many more styles into their DJ-Sets.
After haved produced for label such as Mungo’s Hifi or Jahtari, they released their first 7” records on their own label : “Double dynamite”. They’re back in Berlin and Panke for a wicked show !


From his early days as a selector from Hotta Rotation Sound until now, Hotta Henne is arguably one of the best selector in Berlin when it comes to rub a dub and digital. He is a bad riddim maker as well, who has already collaborated with artists like Sammy Gold and local Berliners. Amongst other projects, he is currently working with Tonto Addi, and this one will be the occasion to showcase up-coming works.


Part of the KPC crew, alongside Cookah, and longtime collaborator with french King HIFI sound, Likkle Ferguson is based in Berlin since the beginning of 2015. Over talented mc, he works regularly alongside the Upfull Posse since his Berlin’s arrival. One more time the mic will be mashed up and the dance corked !



Upfull Posse is a crew from Paris which is now split between the french capital and Berlin. High Bass, Rogue Wave, B-No and Theo play all kind of reggae music, with a big preference for the 80’s vibes. With them dangerous selection, B-No fresh productions and Tonto Addi flow, they mash up every dancehall fi sure!
After have played and organised parties in Paris for several years, with acts like Mungo’s Hifi, Stand High Patrol, Bush Chemist or Trevor Junior, they set up today the Digital Fever parties in Berlin, in order to showcase the best of European neo-digital scene.



Panke : Gerichtstrasse 23, Hof 5
S/U bahn Wedding
22 Uhr
Start Time: 22:00
Date: 2015-10-10