The event takes place on the  9th of May starting at  22:00.


Greetingz to all !

The Berlin-Paris Upfull posse carries on their Digital Fever parties at Panke, with the 3rd edition, the 9th of may.

For this one, we invited one of our favorite singer, the mighty EL FATA, one of the best european upcoming crew SUBACTIVE, and our good friends from Darmstadt, REBELION. Let’s mash up the Panke one more time, in a joyful meeting !



El Fata was born in Lagos, Nigeria. He began a successful musical carrier in West Africa, from Nigeria to Ivory Coast. Due to political reasons, he moved to England, where he started a second carrier, with people like Mungo’s Hifi, Jahtari, Subactive and a lot of others. His style reflects his personality : versatile, rich from a lot of different influences (Digital Reggae, African beats, Dancehall, Jazz, Funk…) which make him one of the most popular artist in Europe.



Subactive sound make themselves talked about since 2010. With them home made sound system, they organize the Dub Soundz party in Strasbourg. They are very active on the production side as well, with already 4 vinyl releases on labels like Scotch Bonnet or Cubiculo Records. As sharp skank and heavy bass lovers, they produce modern digital riddims, highly influenced by 80’s reggae. Each one of their sets is always a blast, full of dubplates and own productions !



Pupa Vinylist & Early K will represent the Darmstadt crew Rebelion Sound, a collective of 6 Roots, Digital and Dub Activists. They organize the Dubble parties in Darmstadt, on their own system. They will deliver a set full of rub a dub, with vinylist on the selection and Early K on mic duties ! Two the hard way !



Upfull Posse is a crew from Paris which is now split between the french capital and Berlin. High Bass, Rogue Wave, B-No and Theo play all kind of reggae music, with a big preference for the 80’s vibes. With them dangerous selection, B-No fresh riddims and Tonto Addi flow, they mash up every dancehall fi sure!
After have played and organised parties in Paris for several years, with acts like Mungo’s Hifi, Stand High Patrol, Bush Chemist or Trevor Junior, they set up today the Digital Fever parties in Berlin, in order to showcase the best of European neo-digital scene.



Panke : Gerichtstrasse 23, Hof 5
S/U bahn Wedding
22 Uhr
Partner : BuyReggae (