The event takes place on the  21st of February starting at  18:00.

Deck 2 Deck invites you to come to our weekly vinyl session on Friday, February 21st.
You wanna try your freshly purchased records, meet new DJs, play some rounds of tabletennis or simply bounce to your after-work beer?
Then pack your records / equipment and come over at 6pm.

Special Guests
LeoLex & L One (ATP Crew / Weltuntergäng)
grasime (Weltuntergäng / Bumm Clack)
NorthernDraw (Thirsty City Records)
Soihe (Arm & Hässlich)

CMY. Flow
Dave Diggla
DJ Dusel
DJ Rach
Vivienne Shakur
Shaik van da Hell b2b Carl H

Hosted by DJ Metabolism

– All Beatmaker, DJs, MCs & Music Lovers Welcome –

Musikstyles: HipHop, Rap, Lo-Fi, Funk, Soul, Jazz, Ambiente, Grime, Dubstep, Drum&Bass, Footwork