24 May 24
10:00 pm


hiii cut(r)e bbs, feel very invited to our cutre queer&soli performative party from ur local cut(r)ies to all u cut(r)ies & allies. 

this time we gonna shake it up-down-in-out-etccc (and beyondss (or not!)) with something we call deconstructed perrrreo (?), like we might go some little bit experimental (!)

we wanna invite u to collectively imagine different worlds u like to live in after consciously destroying the ones u know (u know?)

especially dedicated to dissident and racialized beings from the global south & allies

dj-sets & performances will join us in this night journey


behind all this we are working on a social project localized in Esmeraldas (Ecuador). we have a rural house that we’re starting to use as a relief center for girls that have suffered sexual abuse. our contribution from the other side of the world, aware of our privileges, would be running this kind of events and give them 60% of the profit. with the other part, we aim to continue organizing more and create a sustainable solidarity economy.

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