19 May 24
8:00 pm

Codex Club x Cashmere Radio

Codex Club collaborates with Cashmere Radio to put together a dream lineup with 6 live acts and 5 DJ sets. All the proceeds of the event will go to Medical Aid for Palestinians.

-> Donation based entry from 10€ (Pay what you can!)

Our last Codex Club t-shirts (only XL size) will be available at the door, all proceeds will go to the same organisation.


– Black Zone Myth Chant / @b.z.m.c

– Concepción Huerta & Camilo Angeles / @cncpcn

– Daisy Ray / @daisy.ray.4u

– Orient Brut / Ghazi & Philp S.

– OMEN /  @omenuniverse

– Paola Lesina / @paola_lesina


– Slowfoam /  @slowfoam

– Marylou / @oiseaudanseur

– Babyvulture / @baby_vulture

– Sloush & ZARRT / @sloushysloush

– Chago / @el.chago

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