1 Mar 24
9:00 pm


Resident Advisor

w/ Polonius (live), Profit (live), Sofia Borges (live), Bruxizme (live), Enu (live), Marylou, Kappa Cat & Giorgio Gabber, Rami Abi Rafi & Chago


Polonius is the moniker and artistic entity channeled by Seifeldin G., musician and performer based in Milan. After dedicating many years to sound collage, soul searching, fictitious documentaries on cassette and free jazz collabos, Polonius has now taken on the task of improvised track mania machine, mixing jungle breaks and techno with his signature mysterious style.

Sofia Borges/

Sofia Borges chose a risky but stimulating path: to explore, to experiment, to enlarge the established languages (be it the improvised ones or the composed by herself, with graphic notations extending the conventional writing) and the results are showing us that the art of sounds is not dead yet; far from it. She does it in two ways. One is the solo format – adding objects, some of them of her own invention, music boxes and toys to the jazz drumkit and the orchestral percussion instruments, and also analogic and digital electronic devices enabling her to process, in real time, her acoustic constructions, including in the mix a good number of field recordings. Another is the association with some of the most remarkable spontaneous noisemakers of our time, like Craig Taborn, Mat Maneri, Axel Dörner, Robyn Schulkowsky, Ignaz Schick, Ryeko Okuda, Sanem Kalfa, Michael Thieke, Cansu Tanrikulu, Chris Pitsiokos, Nick Dunston, Camila Nebbia, Stefanie Egedy just to name a few, and integrating unavoidable bands such as Pink Monads, SORBD and the trio Borges-Rainer-Dunston. The Berlin-based, but Portuguese-born inventive sound creator has the stage as her natural environment, establishing music as another of the performative arts. In this context it’s with no wonder that we find Sofia Borges in dance and theatre projects, collaborating with Alexis Blake or the collective Sounding Situations. There’s no end in sight for the investigative approaches of her playing with time and space, and that’s the key secret for her growing notability in the international scene.

Profit /

A Tax Free Records hardware jam by Yeahlena & Employee

Bruxizme /

Borja Caro focuses his practice on experimental electronic music. Notable among his musical projects are the Metametal and Soroastra duos and Bruxizme, which encompasses all his ‘solo’ endeavours. Since 2020, he has been working with Portuguese artist Alexandre Estrela in his studio practice, developing programming for random, generative, and automation systems for the artist’s audiovisual pieces. Most recently, he collaborated on the sound matters for Estrela’s Flat Bells, which were on display at the MoMA in New York in the last months of 2023. For this Codex Bruxizme’s performance will showcase a blend of drone and concrete music, on an improvised set that employs Frequency Modulation and Spectral Processing techniques.

eNμ /

eNμ is a dreamer, who’s floating in the sound matter, levitating, and combining particles and liquids. Using endless cassette loops, a multitracker & granular synthesis, eNμ invites for survey into the worlds of tiny sounds, voices and noises found in dreams, memories, affinities, places, fantasies, and imagination.

Dj sets by:

Marylou / Morphine Raum

Kappa Cat & Giorgio Gabber / Das Andere Selbst

Rami Abi Rafi & Chago

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