3 Nov 23
10:00 pm


Club Sham Mann is an event organized by Paris based Association des Arts populaires Neshama. In Berlin for the second time with a french Lineup, the club will take place at Panke Culture; our target is to connect different communitues together through organic and unique experience of creating and mixing electronic music with other ethnic sounds.

Club Sham Mann:
Wael Alkak – Live / Paris
Leïla Koumiya (Taxi-Kebab) / Nancy
Bab (Musique de fête) / Paris


Member of the Musique de fête Paris based collective, label manager, DJ, Bab also shines in music production through his solo project. Focused on Maghreb music, he has already signed on labels such as Nowadays Records, Tigershushi,
Crowdspacer, Macadam Mambo, Hard Fist or Afrobotic Musicology.
A music based on melodic inspirations raï or chaâbi or/and ethnographic recordings, which coupled with synthesizers and drum machines offers a contemporary vision of this heritage. A patchwork oscillating between club music, hip hop, dub but which also consists of more experimental pieces eyeing around ambient and film music. To accompany this project, he builds a cinematographic universe through clips illustrating his compositions. With his videos, he exercises the same approach as in his music by mixing different analog recording media (8mm, film photos) with digital visual effects.

Global South Electronics – Darbuka ‘n Bass – Maghreb Electronique: Leïla Koumiya is a French-Moroccan producer, musician and DJ. Ex-member of the Taxi Kebab duo (Real World Records), Leïla gives full play to electronic music in its geographical multiplicities. It is through the party and on the dancefloor that she tries to build bridges between her musical and
cultural influences, between bodies, between people and roots. Hybridity and diversity inhabit her sets, from funk to techno, with a sensitivity for diasporic music and for her North African and Amazigh roots, while allowing herself a few detours. Leïla Koumiya is part of the Musique de Fête collective (Nowadays Records). S

he is an active player in the development of the alternative electronic scene in her native region, and is also the founder of « S·H·P », events about electronic musics from global south & diasporas in Nancy since 2022. She is also a visual artist (video, illustration) and a writer.

Wael Alkak is a French-Syrian musician, a composer and Electronic music producer who trained in classical knowledge at the Conservatory of Damascus. After studying classical percussion, he joined the Syrian National Orchestra and various collectives of musicians from jazz, funk and classical music. He practices saxophone, piano and bouzouk, trains in digital composition and works as a composer for Films.
His first album Neshama is inspired by the revolutionary anthems from the peaceful demonstrations in Syria in 2011.
Based in Paris since 2012, he tours in France and Europe with his solo Electro music project Wael Alkak Live. His live performances are the result of a hybrid and experimental musical creation, merging synthesizers and machines with traditional Chaâbi rhythms and popular songs from the Levant. Mixing traditional songs and electro improvisations, his performances reflect a work of memory on the richness of Syrian culture, while forming an independent art inspired by European electronic cultures.
In 2018, he won the WOMEX18 (Club Summit – official selection)
He is a co-founder of the Neshama popular arts association.

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