CITIZEN KINO #40: All You Can’t Eat!


We will be examining issues related to A Post-Snowden Internet, and how communities urgently need to understand and respond to the not-exactly-new digital culture and mass mediated climate. Plus we’ll navigate some seriously wild and whacked media on the subject, with our usual overdose of re-contextualized and tangential archives. Hope you’ll join the event + heated discussions ! (THIS WEDNESDAY) !
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Outside the Bigmac. Vers 2.0

We will celebrate film and music that is not tasting of sugar bread and gurkins. Wednesday (the 21th), we celebrate again life outside the Big Mac with a killer lineup (Live, Dj, films and drag performances).

ARG EMBASSY: Edition #4

In this protocol edition, we pay special attention to the distinguished voices of musicians from Latin America or those affiliated with Latin American identity, merging their exquisite musicality with the vibrant music scene of Berlin.

MXM & Pavel – Kerngeschäft Releasekonzert Berlin

Unser fünftes Album „Kerngeschäft“ kommt am 09.02. auf Vinyl, Tape und Digital. Wir sehen uns in alter Frische auf den Releasekonzerten in Berlin, Rostock & Halle!