CiTiZEN KiNO #31: I’m A Cyborg, And That’s NOT OK !


Digital Colonialism, Transhumanism, Man-made machine culture ad nauseum… deconstructed and reboot options provided! ! Riffing off the South Korean masterpiece comedy by Chan-wook Park … it’s complicated ! More info coming soon to: http://xlterrestrials.org/plog/


special guest Berbat

doing a GOzel Radio set !



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Stranger Funk: International Womxn’s Day

Join us on International Womxn’s Day w/ Sinamin, Zola & Femdelic. We gonna dance, celebrate and have night like none other. Stranger Funk is the best kept secret, celebrating all styles of funky since 2018, connecting audiences and artists from all across the world.

Scratch Babies Birthday Rumble

Sick Crew returns to Panke with a very special Scratch Babies curated Birthday Rumble! Get ready for grimey breakbeats & jungle, live noise techno, an electro punk concert, loads of wonky tunes and a good portion of hardcore and breakcore.

Groovy & Tropical

Resident Advisor Come to an evening full of latin grooves, funk and psychedlia. Hosted by Los Baby Jaguars, at the first time at Panke Kultur Wedding, one of the most iconic and cool venues in Berlin!! After show, Djs Radio Vampiro and Ciccio Farro will keep your...