26 May 24
8:00 pm


Hey, its BURRE here, we are back with some more amazing Ukrainian acts. 

This time we are showing a great diversity of musical community of Odesa, representing the main dub, fusion jazz and breakcore representatives of the scene. 

The vibe of Odesa –  port-city on Black Sea is easily recognisable in the music of the people from the line-up. However, it is so airy, we don’t even have words to describe this feeling:

Is it in repetitive percussive patterns, space echo and noisy, enveloping soundscapes of Bryozone? Is somewhere between the meditative free-jazz improvisations of Potreba Group? Is it in absurd humour somewhere inside the set of Fat Frumos? Come over to find out!

In contrast we provide heavily industrial aesthetic of Donetsk region, respectably carried by Huggen Luft. 

Specifically in present context of daily shelling of Odesa, occupation and demolition of Donetsk region by russians we carry this music as a language of unity and resistance to appropriation, colonisation, cultural theft.

Let us introduce you to everyone from the line-up now!


Gonna  is a member of Odessa-based label система (systema), resident of label Muscut and co-founder of the festival ODS and part of the band Chillera. 

Her signature sound drowns audience in rich textures, spiced with some enchanting vocals.

Gloomy and asymmetric soundscapes in her set are supported by a strong vertebra of confident rhythms and tangible patterns.

Bryozone’s sonic caravan narrates about the synchronicity, concurrence of events, and the points of the time flow.

In our opinion, Bryozone is one of the main visionaries of Ukrainian dub sound development, so don’t miss her playing!!!


Potreba Group is a quartet from Odesa, Ukraine,  formed by Gennadiy Boychenko during summer of 2020 out of 4 independent experimental musicians: Emil Asadow, Yaroslav Prokhorov and Oleksii Lupashko. 

Their music draws from repetitive structures of funk and minimal / kraut rock at its core combined with influences from modern classical music and industrial / power ambient.

As an act, POTREBA GROUP  tries to jazzy-fi and conquer modern electronic instruments and bend them to their will as great improvisers of the past did. Hendrixi-fy and Coltrane-fi sampler and synth so to speak. 

This attitude combined with “ADHD-era” music of Death Grips and SOPHIE that inspires them to produce something new that’s yet to be named.

We are happy to bring part of them from Ukraine and support this absolutely unique project in a following tour through Germany, Poland and UK!


Fat Frumos will shake us with eclectic and skilful combination of breakcore, hardcore, footwork, acid in combo with remixes of Ukrainian retro-hits. A prominent representer of Ukrainian breakcore from Odesa, Fat Frumos develops experimental rave scene by doing events in Ukraine, Europe and UK for more than 15 years. Also, he is host of the label and community dedicated to experimental dance music Suck Puck Records.


HUGGEN LUFT is a Ukrainian experimental audiovisual duo. 

It is a collaboration of visual artist and singer Sofy (born in Slovyansk, based in Warsaw) and musician and manager Dmytro (born in Kramatorsk, based in Berlin).

Music of Huggen Luft is an honest reflection on the topics of personal freedom, emotional maturity, Eastern European identity and traumas and a pure will to experiment. Project aims to use popular through youth instruments to create unique, radical and non-compromising pieces of music and visual art.

HUGGEN LUFT – is a mixture of breakbeats and different rhythmic modulations, drones and noise textures, playful synth melodies, that share deep love to IDM, EBM, power electronics and synthwave.

HUGGEN LUFT – is a variety of singing techniques sliding from tender dreamy singing to full-power screaming.

HUGGEN LUFT – is a complex vision and emotional state shown by video art.

BELLA dj set

A mystical act with some sophisticated, audiophilic and even esoteric tunes to scratch your brain!

Doors: 20:00

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