27 Jun 24
7:00 pm


This time we are happy to present you TONKA – one of the main visioners of Ukrainian indie scene together with Ukrainian vocalist and performer Maria Kebuladze aka KEBU. 

Currently, bringing Ukrainian male artists from Ukraine is extremely complicated, so we are privileged to support TONKA with their short trip around Europe. 

Let us introduce you to our line up:


Ukrainian intellectual indie-pop project that is known for their experiments with modern pop sound.

The group is distinguished with a minimalist naturalism in both music and visual aesthetics, and their compositions excite listeners with dynamic rhythms, non-trivial melodies and strong vocals.

TONKA will provide a developing performance that will collapse from their melodic hits towards raw rave-alike rhythmical compositions, present couple of unreleased compositions and bring unique merchandise for their Berlin-based fans!


Since KEBU mixes electronic, acoustic, pop, ethnic, trip-hop and other genres, Maria jokingly calls the project’s genre “unpredictable indie.”

You never know where the next release will take you, but you will definitely recognise the singer’s voice. This feature of the project seems to hint that no matter how an individual changes over time, no matter what masks we wear in different circumstances, there is an unchanging core inside everyone, which is the most essential and meaningful part of any living being.

KEBU will envelope us into deep vocal textures, that drive consciousness to places, that we would never expect willing to go, so get ready!!!!

Doors: 19:00

Price: 15€ online / 20€ on door 

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