The event takes place on the  2nd of July starting at  12:00.

Leaf audio workshop at panke in July


Synth DIY workshop for beginners and experienced DIYers. After a booked out workshop in april, we’ll be back in Berlin at Panke in Berlin-Wedding. And this time we have a NEW VCO!!!

You can build one of the following machines:
– NTBA Eurorack Kit (VCO, FM, Noise, S&H Tones, Trigger Generator, Clock Divider, Chiptune Generator)
– VCO-I (Analogue VCO)
– TR-808 Kick
– Drone Synth (4 Osc + Filter)

More info and registration via the website link. A registration and advance payment is necessary. >>>—fx-workshop_berlin/en/menu_id:57 <<<