Bopp Kogn part 3

BOPP KOGN doesnʼt just mean Soli Party to collect money for our Journey to Dakar 2020, NO this is just a RENDEZ- VOUS.
Itʼs about bringing people together and together Bopp Kogn Crew connects the hip hop all around the globe together.

Danke Berlin! 🙂 The last one was mega and you want more!
We give you more: more Womenʼs on the game, more rhymes, more Mcʼs and Djʼs are gonna stick together on the stage again AROUND DA CORNER and this Show specially will be more Fire!

You want to support, you want to celebrate, you want to exchange, or you just want to enjoy the cool vibes at UM DIE ECKE Pankes Culture on the 06 September we have this:


MC CheeK is a mysterious, masked MC whom not much is known about, other than his affiliation to the Berlin based music collective DISTRICT96. Other recent collaborators are Figub Brazlevic, Yung Emkay, Dope Est Dope etc. He does all kinds of sounds from disco to trap to boom bap. You never know what to expect when Cheeko hits the stage.


The Rapper Janco from Berlin is fighting his way out of his drug addiction, sharing this path with his crowd .
Above all he stands for self- reflection and hours of studio sessions.
Energetic raps meet social- critical topics – often paired with a wink. When Janco enters the stage, goosebumps moments alternate with ecstatic jumping making you feel high.
Janco looks back on a long history of live shows. He makes no distinction between a big festival stage or small youth clubs.
You can be sure that he will bring some more people on stage and make you be part of an unforgettable show.


Fred Red a producer who does not miss anything from trippy instrumentals to funky disco boogie. In doing so the in Ingolstadt raised and in Berlin based music nerd likes to get instrumentalists of all kinds on board, plays various elements himself and / or accesses carefully digged samples.
As part of the music duo “Krawanesia” he has released their second album on vinyl this year, which certainly will not have been his last.
A unparalled across-all- genres-set out of selfmade music is expected.


Flash Tarzan puts strong moods and images to beats, not without a touch of wordplay and self-irony. Sometimes a bit bulky, the music always leaves enough room for the listenerʼs imagination and offers diversified starting-points. With a present voice and stage presence the Berlin based rapper shows pleasure in performing live. After last fall the mixtape “Baklava and Flaschenbier” dropped, new material will soon be released, on which one may be curious – as well as on the activities of the new founded Luxbau Kombinat, whose members include Fläshi.

**Vivienne Shakur**

Vivienne Shakur was born in the GDR. She started singing at the age of 7. After the turnaround she joined the Reggae and Hiphop Crews of Erfurt as one of very few female protagonists and began rapping at the age of 13 with the boys behind the gym after school.
“When I grab the mic Im ready to take you to another place, to break all chains and the frame that holds us, i do nuttn less opening up a gate to a new dimension for you! “
This should let you know that her style is very eclectic and passionate. She is also broadely talented and formed a Hiphop dance crew and started producing her own songs.
She represents the Womenʼs world. One love, One Stage, One Mic.

This Event will be hosted buy:

You have a blessed day and see ya on Friday 06 September!

++Lift Off : 22H++

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