5 Jul 24
10:00 pm

BESO DE 4: Deprerreo x Rawa Club x NOFUTURE x TRAMPA

Kiss of 3? No better this time a Kiss of 4

Nofuture, Rawa, Deprerreo and Trampa join us this time to celebrate as it was a year ago, this special party, this time with the most important Latincore and Latinclub labels in Europe, or at least that’s what we want to believe.

The global south unites to bring to Berlin a line-up full of sounds and colors coming out of the hyper speed of the core, and now we are going to focus on moving the ass, the body and everything you want with a lot of Latin Bass, Perreo, Cumbia and all the good stuff. 

This time with a lineup from all over the globe gathered at Panke.

Rawa x Trampa x Deprerreo x Nofuture representing in this party:
Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Spain, Uganda

BESO DE 4: Soundsystem Edition 

5/07 @ Panke Culture 

HHY & The Kampala Unit (live) (Nyege Nyege)
CRRDR b2b L’Miranda 
Dj Hidrataccioni 
Orquesta Paradiso
Puññal b2b KMILA
Paulah b2b Efanistea 
Sin Serif 
Ataraxia b2b Jotadelli 

Early tickets: 8eur (only 10)
Rapidxs: 10eur (only 20)
Pre-sale: 15eur
Door: 20eur

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