The event takes place on the  18th of November starting at  21:00.

Berlin Micromusic HQ presents:

8-bit + Chiptune + Micromusic

After more than one year of silence, Berlin Micromusic HQ strikes once again with a unique show of retro madness. Four internationally acclaimed live acts will bring you the music of tomorrow, performed on home computers and game consoles of yesteryear.
We are extremely proud to present you a special guest from Brazil, the legendary Pulselooper from Sao Paolo. This will be his first of only two exclusive gigs in Germany.

Live Acts:

Location: Sao Paolo
Style: dark, melodic Techno with a hint of breakbeat
Instruments: 2x Nintendo Gameboy

Location: Tel Aviv / Berlin
Style: Pop-Punk-Trash-Glitter
Instruments: Nintendo Gameboy, Commodore 64, toys

Midi Man
Location: Berlin
Style: uptempo midimal Tekkno (with at least two K)
Instruments: Nintendo Gameboy, NES, home-made analogue synths

irrlicht project
Location: classified
Style: Black Magic
Instruments: Atari ST, ZX Spectrum 48k (1-bit!)