1 Dec 23
7:30 pm

Aufewigwinter Nacht Vol.1

The small Berlin based diy label aufewigwinter is throwing a party for KORA WINTER’s long awaited second album release (exact date tba) and did put together a line up as unconventional and authentic as it gets. This night will be a night you won’t forget so easily, a true genre-bender, a journey through different iterations of dark and heavy grooves. Hardcore/Metal Bands and DJs, distorted guitars and amen breaks, moshpits and booty shaking all night long. So put on your favorite band shirt and or harness and be part of this unique music experience. The event is queer-friendly and inclusive, everybody is welcome and there will be an awareness team for your well-being and safety.

KORA WINTER (Post-Hardcore/Metal)
After their widely acclaimed debut ‘BITTER,’ praised by critics and fans alike, KORA WINTER is back on stage in 2023 with new music. Hungrier, angrier, and more incisive than ever before, the Berlin-based band is ready this year to confront the German hardcore and metal scene with taboo topics such as identity, representation, and trauma. The five-member band, fronted by vocalist Hakan Halaç (also known for his solo project HAXAN), has already proven their live prowess with support shows for bands like The Hirsch Effekt, Rolo Tomassi, Evergreen Terrace, and Jinjer.
NESSEL (Shoegaze/Black Metal)
NESSEL is a five-piece from Stuttgart, Germany. Combining elements of black metal, shoegaze and screamo culminating in an eclectic outburst of post-gaze-everything. Their debut LP »Gestalt« was released in summer 2022 by I.Corrupt.Records (DE), Through Love Records (DE), Fireflies Fall (FR) and Clever Eagle Records (US).
RIOT SPEARS (Grunge/Angry Pop)
The angry pop/grunge trio Riot Spears formed in early 2019 and has so far released the formidable mini EP “I am not an object, not yet a person” and in 2021 their first album BAD, which was very well received by the local music critics guild. Riot Spears have shared the stages of the world with Skating Polly and Akne Kid Joe, but they also like to play for a box of chocolates at your grandma’s birthday party. In their songs you can hear the raw and energetic sounds of the 90’s Seattle and Riot Grrrl scene as well as the vulnerable and dreamy side of melodic pop music. Mix the sound of teasing irony and plenty of angst and anger, plus freshly baked self-doubt and a pinch of pessimism and you’ll be standing in the mosh pit in front of the stage screaming your head off.
DEBMASTER (Electronica/Glitch/Bass-Break)
French, yet a “Berliner” for the past 12 years, Julien Deblois aka Debmaster, is the eclectic producer behind many of the exciting releases on Hakuna Kulala. While Debmaster had a lot of fun playing live with his noisy friends in Berlin (Jason Forrest, Patric Catani, Chris Imler & others “crazy people”). His 2015 encounter with the overactive Nyege Nyege scene was the perfect outlet when they invited him to send “some beats” for artists who were recording weekly in a DIY recording studio in Kampala. Mc Yallah and him started to work together around 2018 for the first EP Ndi Mukazi, quickly followed by Kubali. He now produces music every day, mainly for Hakuna Kulala and Mc Yallah. He is also behind releases of Ecko Bazz (Mmaso), Biga yut (Walah), Will’stone (Mbv5) and more to come…
PONYO b2b Whattis (gabber/cyberotic-trance/post-internet-xyz-core, Turkey/Berlin)
The liaison of Berlin DJs PONYO and Whattis entangles you in an abundance of intense gabber romance, cyberotic trance, post-internet xyz-core and hard (heart)breaks. They leave no feelings unfelt, no sounds unheard — abandon reason and devote yourself to excessive dance.
R.S.S (dnb/Crossbreed/Hardcore/Breakcore)
Fast and heavy, R.S.S’s comfort zone is above 175 bpm. She is a DJ with no remorse, that will shake your bones with a relentless mix of glitchy, hard, dark beats and breaks. Originally from France but always on the run between Berlin, Amsterdam, Montreal and Bristol, no stage is safe.
ZIVA (techno/dnb/afrobeat, Berlin)
ZIVA is pure energy, playing vibrating sets for many years in the Berlin underground techno scene. For this night they will dive more into a mix of drum and bass and afrobeat. No matter which genre ZIVA touches, it will be a wild ride for sure!

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