ANTIMETA – Better than Jesus?

Record Release Antimeta – Squeeze The Juice

Prepare for the most antimeta concert ever. In 3D.
And behold! A record has been forged in the deepest caves of Pankow. A record full of suspense, romance and drama. And it has at last awoken.
It was carved out of bare funkenstein by the ostentatious oval octet:

The Invincible Last Pitchbender
The Mighty Bettward96
The Astonishing Hangover Machine
The Mighty Ramses Ravewaldt
The Uncanny Brot 
The Bisaxual Jazztronaut
The Kongenial Mastermind

Release The Record!!

After the concert you will find yourself sweating to reflationary bass frequencies and beats so polygonal you might break a bone

The asymmetrical aftershow party will be hosted by:
Hayat Berlin

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