10 May 23
8:00 pm

A MAZE. / Berlin 2023 – 12th International Games and Playful Media Festival

A MAZE. / Berlin 2023 is going to be back in silent green and Panke Culture on May 10-13, 2023.
Get more insights about A MAZE. / Berlin 2023 the games, the installations, the artists and the programme on our festival website: www.amaze-berlin.de


Wednesday, May 10 (Opening night):
Regular ticket: 10€
Reduced ticket: 5€
Thursday and Friday, May 11-12 (from 18:00):
Regular ticket: 15€
Reduced ticket: 10€
Includes access to Silent Green and Panke.
Saturday, May 13 (Public Day, from 12:00-21:00):
Regular ticket: 15€
Reduced ticket: 10€


Full programme:
Quick overview:
WED May 10th
8pm-9:30pm Opening with director Thorsten S. Wiedemann, performance by Fantasia Malware
8pm-0 Exhibition open for all at silent green
9pm-2am Opening Night with a surprise at Panke
THU May 11th
10am-6pm Talks, Workshops and performances at silent green
6pm-0 Exhibition open for general public too at silent green
7pm-2am Cookie Collective – Crash Night
FRI May 12th
10am-4pm A MAZE. Bazaar – 4th International Arthouse Games Market at silent green
10am-4pm Talks, Workshops and performances at Silent Green
7pm-0 Exhibition open for general public at Silent Green (some parts might be closed during the Award Show)
7pm-2am Exhibition and Jump’n’Run Party at Panke
8-10pm A MAZE. Awards Show
SAT May 13th
12am-9pm Public day at silent green including exhibition, market, youth workshops, performances and talks
7pm-2am Exhibition and A MAZE. Nyege Nyege Night at Panke

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