4 performances (June 6th, 7th 8th)

Max Grau  /  Nadja Buttendorf / Esben Holk / Ioana Vreme Moser

4 performances is part of Performing Arts Festival Berlin

6th / 7th / 8th and 10th June 2018 | DOORS 4p.m. → Start 5pm till 7pm | free entry

WEDNESDAY the 6th of June

Max Grau will present his work and his upcoming live streaming project [workingtitle][sudo keylogger/Users/machs/Büro/Ausstellungen/2018/2018_Panke/log.txt] hosted by panke.gallery

Max Grau (*1988) is a visual artist and writer based in Berlin. He studied Fine Arts in Saarbrücken, Berlin and Los Angeles and uses a variety of media such as video, text, email, performance, photography, sound and printed matter. Besides doing things individually he’s interested in friendship-based models of collaboration and forms a part-time duo with Jan Erbelding. Since 2016 he has been involved in *foundationClass – an educational project located at Kunsthochschule Weißensee that tries to support artists who had to flee their home countries in the process of gaining access to the German art school system. His work has been shown internationally, for example at Galerie La Croix Los Angeles, Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, Galerie Lily Robert Paris, Pet Projects Perth and Digital Art Centre Taipei. His first book ›You See I’ve Always Wanted Things To Be Beautiful‹ was published in 2018 by Ruine München/Hamman van Mier Verlag.

THURSDAY the 7th of June

Nadja Buttendorf

Nadja Buttendorf will run an artists presentation and thereafter the workshop: #HotPhones – high-tech self-care.

artist presentation:
Cyborgs and body enhancement are typically male dominated topics (Terminator etc.). In the contrary the female connoted beauty industry is also highly technologically developed. Body and technology are already closely interconnected. Bringing together these topics in FUN. Do computers have a crush on pink? (DE)

Workshop: #HotPhones – high-tech self-care
In this workshop you learn how to get your phone hotter than you, because a #hotphone helps to release and relax your tightened muscles. The #hotphone massage is a relaxing and deeply soothing form of massage. It’s a helpful tool you can easily integrate in your daily life. It makes you fit again and activates new energy for you and your smartphone. (EN)

FRIDAY the 8th of June

Nadja Buttendorf and Esben Holk

Nadja Buttendorf presents her current work:
“The Adventures of WH – Kapitel 1: Diskriminator”, which deals with socialist microchip design, archive handling and personal competition within the post gender micro electronic universe. In collaboration with Anne Baumann, they look at Buttendorf’s step grandfather and physicists Werner Hartmann (1912-1988), who is known to be the founder of microelectronics in GDR.

Esben Holk
HOUSE OF KILLING and how to absorb the ontological uncertainty of Jennifer Aniston come with anarchist art collective and co-creator of Jennifer Aniston Superfans: HOUSE OF KILLING on a philosophical inquiry on what Jennifer Aniston and other referential data can bring to the production of the posthuman experience, and consequently: the increasingly irrelevant art of Esben Holk.
HOUSE OF KILLING is a house that kills. It is an undefined flexible anarchist queer collective, put into this world to kill ideas, structures, dreams and realities, in order to promote a generation of undefined flexible queer youth able and willing to do whatever the fuck they want.
HOUSE OF KILLING feat Esben Holk is an avid online entity: a posthuman queer artist working in browserbased experiences, performative strategies and creative coding. Concerned with the absence of ontological density and anti-essentialist epistemology in current ideology, he approaches the agility of proposed productions of enforced entities, like: the queer, the citizen and the worker. Vehemently xenofeminist and anti naturalist, the artist manifests work as part of a grand online performance celebrating the internet, and its ability to subvert and overthrow the established world order.

Didnt I tell u, I was lost? infinitely shared and used in corners of virtual spaces I dont know about, in crevices not even the dankest of users would dare go into. Unsurprisingly, the work left me behind: now its clickbait on my website.

Esben Holk

SUNDAY the 10th of June

Ioana Vreme Moser will perform Coqetta . flawless looks/colour red (2018)
Coquetta is a sensual and phony whirl that occurs in eight steps of action (foundation, concealer, curl the lashes, eyeshadow, mascara, eyebrows, cheeks, lips). Maquillage and flirtatious electronics made from junk mesh with piezoelectric taps and gentle whispers.

Ioana Vreme Moser (RO 1994) is an audio-visual artist, performer, hardware-hacker, researcher and instrument builder engaged with transmedia narratives and electronic poetics. Her ludic, process-driven practice aims to disclose some of the inconspicuous events that occur on a daily basis in natural systems. She uses organic materials, retro-machinery and electronics, to investigate the links in between objects and their memory. Her work currently involves electro-mechanical instruments, sound sculptures, kinetic installations, audio-visual performances, graphic notations, softly spoken recordings, data compendiums and video pieces.

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