23 Sep 23
10:00 pm

African Beats & Pieces

★ African Beats & Pieces ★
Sat. 23.09. | 10pm – 6am | Panke (Wedding)
Entry: 12-15 €

► 22h | 90 BPM | To Be Announced
► 23h | 100 BPM | DJ Chichi Banana (France/Berlin)
► 00h | 110 BPM | To Be Announced
► 01h | 120 BPM | To Be Announced
► 02h | 130 BPM | To Be Announced
► 03h | 140 BPM | Alai K (Kenya/Berlin)
► 04h | 150 BPM | Mixanthrope (France/Berlin)

★ ★ ★
“African Beats & Pieces” is an event series in Berlin dedicated since 2017 to the music made in Africa and throughout its global diaspora.
With a focus on lesser-known artists, we strive to showcase the diversity of sounds and songs African and Afro-diasporic musicians have to offer, doing so through theme-specific parties involving passionate DJs & diggers.
★ ★ ★
For our third shindig this year, we amp it up a notch and try out a fun new concept: the party’s speed will accelerate through the night, increasing by 10 BPM per hour. We curated a line-up with different DJs each hour whose style & selection match the speed range.
Join us on this dancefloor journey to get up to speed with the latest exciting non-mainstream songs and sounds from Africa and its far-reaching diaspora!
Bikutsi | Ikoku | Bendskin | Marrabenta | Maloya | Shaangan | Montegènè | Kabiye | M’Balax Rap | Chimurenga | Salegy | Mahraganat | Singeli | Champeta | Kuduro | Congotronics | Ethio-Pop | Assiko | Ndombolo | Gumbe & more!
♬ Come with an open mind & leave with sore feet! ♬

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