17 Nov 23
10:00 pm

11 years Baumhaus Anniversary Party!

The Evolution Will Not Be Gentrified!
For this mission we have assembled some of Berlin’s grooviest DJs, MCs and live musicians to take us on a journey through a nutritious and tasty groove soup of hip hop, drum n bass, afro beats, electro breaks, funk, soul, dub and whatever else gets inspired in this highly emergent meditation.
As part of the 10th Emergent Berlin Festival we are also celebrating 11 years of an epic project, Baumhaus. This requires an epic party to match our epic theme: The Evolution Will Not Be Gentrified! The common vibe for the night will be groovy no matter which genre our musical menagerie of madness takes us to…
full details – baumhausberlin.de/emb-2023-friday-party/
22:00 Soulski (Stranger Funk / Wedding Soul)
23:00 1st Live Set – Immaculate Contraption featuring: Sarah O’Hara (vocals), Sophie Stoll (vocals), Genys (dubmaster), Gregor Nicolai (bass), Hakim Azmi (keys), Georges-Emmanuel Schneider (e-violin), Matjö (guitar/horns/keys), Elias Prell (electro drums), Chris Sergeant (guitar) & Scottie B (vocals)
24:00 Genys (Bitwig)
1:00 second live set – Immaculate Contraption + special guest
2:00 Quien
4:00 mndwzrd
All night – Special guest MCs + Open Greeting Zone
—> pay as you feel at the door 8€ – 20€�

* all proceeds go to the artists and event production costs

An “Immaculate Contraption” session is a live improvisational performance of musicians in a deep state of flow that can often sound like a DJ spinning records of various groovy genres. The rules are simple; no rehearsals, no automation, no ego & always groovy. The series was born out of the Skizum Studios art scene and industrial loft spaces of the Brooklyn waterfront in the mid 1990’s and was imported to Berlin in the early 2000’s.
During each performance our goal is to remain 100% in the present moment in a reflective, sensitive and meditative state. We transform some feelings, moods and themes of these times we are living in and through into an improvisational story to inspire collective action towards creating a sustainable future.
The first session of this current super hero themed trilogy took place back in 2020 at Panke and was called “Rise of The Evengers” which chronicled stories of how everyday superheroes realized their super powers and started working to make the world a better place in the lonely shadows of global pandemic.��

The second session took place at Panke in June 2022 with the theme “Launching An Evolution”

About Emergent Berlin Festival 2023, November 17-19
The Evolution Will Not Be Gentrified
Our 10th annual festival brings together fellow local initiatives, organizations and neighbors who want to take action for sustainability from personal, ecological, aesthetic, cultural, economic and social perspectives.
Emergent Berlin is a self-organized gathering and invitation for open exchange, connections and creating synergies. This year’s festival theme is a riff on the 1971 song “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” by Gil Scott Heron and sets the tone for the gathering. The main point of the song is that the first change needs to take place in your mind and that we can not rely on main stream forces to come up with or enact the solutions we need in time enough to save and preserve what is left of our world. In 2023 it seems that our situation is quite similar…
Join us for:�

  • 3 days program to celebrate, reflect, exchange ideas, co-create and experience an evolution in your own ways in the cozy, informal and creative atmosphere of Baumhaus
  • 2 evenings of parties in Panke Club
  • 1 art exhibition at Baumhaus
  • Open Greeting Zones everywhere!
    No registration, just come by, whether for just one afternoon, for the parties or for the whole festival! Donations are welcome to help cover our costs for the space, drinks, snacks and the dinner buffets @Baumhaus.
    Languages: EN and/or DE with whisper translations
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