Don’t Let The Label Label You

MC’s JollyJay & H-to-O who came up with the slogan “Don’t Let The Label Label You” for a song chorus and our merchandise shirts 2 years ago. As the website grew and the slogan had more weight to it we thought of expanding DLTLLY so that it is no longer only relevant towards us, but for the scene in general.

The way we see it, there’s nothing wrong with being signed to a Label! But its as soon as that Label starts to Label you (tell you what to write, how to perform, what to wear etc…) you turn from an artist to a business product. Unfortunately this trend is continuously increasing so that fans find it harder to find “real” music.

Mainly concentrating on Urban music, we have turned our slogan to a platform that exposes the work and talent of artists from all over the world. As of September 2012 we will start posting small mini documentaries, music videos and freestlyles that we have gathered from these artists. We will have strict quality control (in other words, no content that isn’t original, convincing or simply sick will make it to the website). So far we have approached artists, but as the site and following grows we hope that artists will approach us and apply for a video being filmed and hosted on the website.

Our company DLTLLY will not only be present online. We will evolve to club nights, concerts, battle events etc… We plan to also build a store for each featured artist to help sell and distribute their music. Essentially we are like a Label, except our actions are only to help promote artists and strengthen the scene rather than interfere with anybodies artistic choices or care about their image.

Essentially, inspired by fellow platforms such as SBTV, Tape TV or Don’t Flop, “Dont Let The Label Label You” is an alternative hip hop scene (which is also open to all forms of music and art as long as it’s good!).